Take 10% off your purchases. Use Code [WELCOME10].
Take 10% off your purchases. Use Code [WELCOME10].
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1. Why order from Cookin1?
Cookin1 allows you to enjoy all the fun of home cooking without any of the hassle, inconvenience and wastage! Choose from our variety of delicious recipes on our website and simply click to order, then wait for your very own cooking kit to be delivered directly to your doorstep.

2. What is included in my Cooking Kit?
All the ingredients you require for each recipe are pre-portioned, weighed and individually packed into your cooking kit, complete with a set of easy-to-follow cooking instructions to guide you along your way to whip out a perfect meal.

3. How long can I keep my Cooking kit after it has been delivered?
At Cookin1, we pride ourselves on delivering fresh and quality ingredients. Once you receive your cooking kit, please store meat products in your freezer and perishable items like vegetables in your fridge to ensure freshness. We encourage you to cook within a week.

4. Payment and delivery details?
We currently accept Visa, Mastercard