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CNY Steamboat Special - Prosperity Bundle (8-10pax)

CNY Steamboat Special - Prosperity Bundle (8-10pax)

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Serves: 8 - 10 pax

Steamboat is a all-time favorite type of meal for Singaporeans where everyone crowds around a round cooking pot and cook your favorite food in a communal pot of yummy soup. Many families also like to have steamboat for Chinese New Year reunion or gathering. Now steamboating can be a breeze with Cookin1’s special festive Auspicious & Prosperity Sets! Your steamboat dinner is just a click away and we’ll prepare everything else for you!

From Our Kit: 

- Beef Shabu Shabu
- Pork Collar/Belly Shabu Shabu
- Chicken Slices

- Prawns
- Squids

- Assorted Vegetables
- Enoki Mushrooms
- Oyster Mushrooms
- Corn
- Tofu
- Fried Beancurd Sheet Rolls
- Assorted Surimi (fish balls, sausages, crab sticks, fish dumplings, beancurd fish paste, vegetarian abalone)

- Glass Vermicelli
- Udon

For sauces:
- Spring Onions
- Coriander
- Chilli Padi
- Minced Garlic
- Sesame Paste
- Soy Sauce
- Sesame Oil
- Vinegar

 Soup Base (Choose 2):
- Clear
- Mushroom
- Mala
- Tomato