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How to cook Curry Chicken with Prata with Cookin1 preportioned fresh ingredient meal kit for 2 servings and   Mayer's Rice Cooker with Ceramic Pot
Cook Curry Chicken with Prata for 2 within 30 minutes with Cookin1 cooking kit in Singapore
Curry Chicken with Prata with preportioned ingredient chicken legs, potatoes, lemon grass, shallots, curry paste, curry leaves, instant prata, light coconut milk and garlic in cookin1 meal kit

Rice Cooker Curry Chicken with Prata

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Prep & Cook Time: 30 mins
Serves: 2 pax

Despite the hot weather here in Singapore, the curry scene just gets more heated up. Be it Indian, Japanese or local curry, we all fancy a hot, spicy and creamy bowl of curry over rice/bread/prata. Given the tedious steps in making a good curry rempah, the oiliness of the kitchen after cooking. We hear you and so with our current month collaboration with Mayer, we bring to you Rice Cooker Curry Chicken served with Prata that is so easy to cook minus your kitchen getting oily and messy and yet so scrumptious. Mayer's Rice Cooker with Ceramic Pot is specially designed with a slightly arc angle which helps to quickly gather and store heat, which prevents any sticking to pot during cooking! Using rice cooker to cook curry will never land you with a burnt or dried pot.

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**Discount code is valid from 11 Mar 2019 to 20 Jun 2019.

From Our Kit: 
- Chicken legs
- Potatoes
- Lemongrass
- Shallots
- Garlic
- Curry Paste
- Curry Leaves
- Light Coconut Milk
- Instant Prata

From Your Kitchen:
- Rice Cooker
- Frying Pan
- Knife
- Salt/Sugar (to your desired taste)
- Water

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