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How to cook Shakshuka Mediterranean dish online in Singapore with Pre-portioned ingredients Meal Kits
Shakshuka pre-portioned ingredients with chicken breast, yellow capsicum, onion, egg, bay leaf, tomato puree, tortilla wraps and vegetable oil,


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Prep & Cook Time: 20 mins
Serves: 2 pax

A popular Mediterranean dish that is commonly served at cafes is a dish of eggs poached in tomato sauce with onions and capsicums. Here at Cookin1, we strive to curate a balance meal and so we have included chicken in this dish and wholemeal tortilla wraps so you can enjoy a hearty and flavourful meal after a hard day's work. Cooking never gets any easier with Cookin1's meal kits. It's about time to whip out new recipes everyday for your love ones!

From Our Kit: 
- Chicken Breast
- Yellow Capsicum
- Onion
- Egg
- Vegetable Oil
- Bay Leaf
- Tomato Puree
- Tortilla Wraps

From Your Kitchen:
- Salt / Sugar / Pepper (Optional seasoning according to your preferred taste)
- Saucepan / Pot
- Chopping Board 
- Frying Pan / Toaster / Oven
- Knife